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Dear Fellow Adventurers …..We are both intrepid world travelers always looking for unique experiences to share with a global audience. We have outgoing personalities and fluency in several languages, which helps us quickly develop trust with local people. We hope to inspire travelers of all ages to expand their geographic and cultural boundaries. We have travelled off the beaten path in more than 60 countries. Our recent trip to Nepal exceeded all our expectations! Why? Because we had the absolute good fortune to meet the Malla sisters in Pokhara.

The Malla Dynasty ruled Nepal from the 12th to 16th centuries.At that time the name Malla indicated a person of great strength and power! In many ways the Malla period of rule in Nepal was much like the Italian Renaissance … Just visit Pagan and walk amongst the many temples to understand that. Much like the extraordinary temples in Pagan the Malla sisters themselves are a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered – and to our everlasting pleasure we discovered them in Pokhara.

Over a two week period we trekked in the Himalayas, biked in Pokhara, visited Para Gliding sites including the unbelievable parahawking experience with Steve & Anita Mason, boated and hiked above on Lake Begnas, took in the best museums in Pokhara…. all under the guidance and loving care of the Mallasisters ….Hira&Bishnu!
They are both not only competent … but incredibly fun to be with! This video is dedicated to them. They made our experience in Nepal a great success. Bravo!

Bruce & Therese Roberts, Vernon BC Canada