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Robyn Webb

I’m back in Melbourne after a wonderful trip and buying 2 rugs that I didn’t really need, and giving away some things that I didn’t really need either!

Hira and I discussed the good and other things on the last day of our trek.

– The trek was what I hoped for, which was to see part of the Annapurnas. The forests were beautiful and the cultures were lovely to see. It was great for me to trek with another woman, and I learned a bit about her life in Nepal and about the general life there too.

– Hira made good arrangements. She did my trekking permit very quickly (we attanged it all one afternoon at 4pm and left the next morning at 10am!), chose great places to stay and had a good taxi driver. She was also good at working out when I needed to stop. She was also prepared with a map and supplies for colds and sore throats. She was also great at sharing information about things we encountered along the way with donations for schools, children and when I needed to pay. She told off one schoolgirl who asked me for money.

– Hira was great at taking care of me. Thinks like getting a room with a view over the mountains at Ghorepani were fantastic, and the tea house at Ghandruk had a stunning lookout. Also the museum there was very informative. She was fantastic when we went to Poon Hill. It was 4am, I’d had 3 hours of sleep, and there were hordes of tourists doing the same thing. She was great at getting me through all the crowds and up the hill in time to get a good position to take photos. She also lent me her orange jacket to make sure I didn’t get cold.

– the hardest thing was the second-to-last day which was huge. We were up at 4am to see the sunrise, then had a very long walk to Ghandruk. Unfortunately I had a bit of a meltdown thinking that I wouldn’t be able to make it. I think Hira and I needed to plan it a bit more: either so we weren’t walking for too much each day, or for that day, so I knew that there was an uphill bit for a couple of hours and then it would be easier. That was the only thing close to a disappointment.

I was very happy to walk with Hira and I certainly hope that she runs her own business. We’re still in contact too, and I gave her the names of a couple of trekking websites (trekking partners and lonely planet) so she can interact with trekkers and get known that way too.