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Temples & Monasteries of Pokhara

The Bindabasini temple is the center of religious activity in the old bazaar area. Located right in the middle of the Fewa Lake, Barahi Temple attracts many tourists and Hindu pilgrims from Nepal and abroad. Another Hindu shrine is the Bhadrakali temple, which is situated on a small but beautiful hill with pleasant surroundings. Some other temples in Pokhara are Narayan Than, Ram Mandir, Krishna Mandir, Kedareswor Mahadav Mindir Lamakhor Lakeside.


Tibetan Monasteries
Not many Westerners get up to this Buddhist monastery, even though it is just a 20 or 30 minute bicycle ride from the main tourist area. I was up here on Christmas Eve six years ago, and then stopped by again this year. The two young monk boys showed me around and did some entertaining as well. The puja ceremony is a prayer-like event. They do at least one every day, probably more, with one being very early in the morning. The one I was at was two hours, with all the horns and drums that they use. It’s quite loud. Louder than any acoustic instruments I’ve ever heard. Mostly, it’s stepping back in time a thousand years, or so.

Though all of this looks very serious when photographed, there is a huge sense of humor in these Buddhist monasteries. This monastery has both Nepalese and Tibetans. It’s larger than the last time I was here, probably because more Tibetans come here to escape the Chinese who now occupy their country. Many of the Tibetan women make jewelry from stones packed over the Himalayas, and the they are the best sales persons I’ve ever dealt with in my life.

The drums below are actually small. When I was here before they had a large drum about 7- or 8-feet high. And when they got it going it literally shakes the marble floors. This monastery is associated with the Dali Lama. They have his photo up. I just wandered around here and was welcome everywhere.

  • Malla Sisters will pick you up at your hotel
  • Drive to dock at Phewa Lake
  • Take 15 minute boat ride to Taal  Barahi Temple
  • Visit temple and return by boat 
  • Go by car to bindabasini temple approx 25 min drive
  • Tour the temple 
  • Go by car to monestary approx 40 min drive
  • Tour by Tibetan Monk
  • Enjoy visiting a family inTibetan refugee camp
  • Return to Pokhara (your hotel)

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